Thursday, December 22, 2011

What To Wear?! The Christmas Edition

Only 3!! Yes, THREE days left until Christmas!!!   AGH!!!
Are you ready?!  Have you snagged the perfect gift for everyone?!  Have you stockpiled your figgy pudding?! (does any one eat figgy pudding anymore?)

Anyway, now comes the burning question..."What am I going to wear for the holiday?"

Wait no more!!  BACK by popular demand from our lovely readers, we have put together some amazing options for your Christmas ensemble, regardless of the venue!
Holiday Style!

#1: So you're back home with your family this Christmas.  While leggings may work, its Christmas, dress it up a bit! Roomy, comfy jeans can withstand a second helping pie, while maintaining your stylish edge! A great cardigan or blazer with some chic flats keep you looking put-together without putting in a ton of effort!  (Don't forget your big bag for leftovers!)

#2: Going to the in-laws or spending it with your boy's family?  Number one rule? Don't upstage the host, which is probably your mother-in-law!  A fabulous printed dress is a great go-to piece where all you have to do is throw on some black opaque stockings and (reasonable) heels! You'll be singing Christmas carols and impressing the in-laws in no time! 

#3: Sweet.. FINALLY, you get to be the host! No reason why you can't zsush it up!! Think June Cleaver meets trendy hipster! A fantastic blouse and tulle-esque skirt looks incredibly host-like while the great leopard heel adds the edge! 

#4: Is it a toss up for you this year? Spending it with your friends? Have great in-laws where its "come as you are"? Lucky you!! :) Pull out some cozy wool shorts, a chunky sweater and knee high socks! Its the trendy and adult take on the private school uniform!  Slide into some suede ankle boots on your way out and this outfit will be sure to impress and keep you comfy from coffee to the hot toddy! 

Have a sublimely AMAZING holiday with your loved ones!  

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