Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Fine Art of Layering


'Tis the Season....for LAYERING!!  Though the weather lately has fluctuated from high 50's to mid 20's, we have found comfort in the power of layering!  This is no better way to protect yourself against the bitter chill and still have the ability to peel off a layer or two should the mercury start rising mid-day!  

Layering, when executed properly, gives off a well put-together and effortless look! 

Here are a couple of ideas to use some items you may already have in your closet for some updated layering options! 

Fine Art of Layering: Work

The key to layering, is to make sure that each piece is relatively lightweight.  The layers should slim and fit slightly loose.  We don't want to create a bulky "super snug" look!

Fine Art of Layering: Play

On the weekends and more casual days, its nice to know that you can always bring in items from different seasons and work them into your cold-weather ensemble. For example, that simple, lightweight dress you wore this summer? Use that as a layer in your weekend get-up! Add in a pair of leggings and a sweater and you've got a perfect outfit to zap the winter-blues!

Don't forget, use pieces already in your closet to achieve a great look. Take some time to try on different, unexpected pieces together! The outcome may be downright amazing!



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