Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Perfect Christmas Gift?!

Happy Wednesday Loves!

So it has been a whirlwind the past few days but we're finally calming down...if only for a few seconds!

With all of us rushing to find the perfect gift for everyone in our family and getting enough dresses for the droves of holiday parties..its a wonder why the entire population hasn't passed out from all the chaos! Or at least had an anxiety attack or two!

Don't fret!  For those who want to find the perfect gift for their loved one, why not consider the gift of Style Edit!

What better way to make that special someone feel special!  Style Edit helps them edit their wardrobe, put together fresh and creative new looks from their existing wardrobe, and takes them shopping to find new pieces to compliment their revamped closets!

This is the perfect gift for those who feel like they're in a fashion-rut or those who simply need a new perspective on their existing wardrobe!

With our expertise and experience in personal styling and wardrobe overhauls, we're prepared for any wardrobe conundrum!

Contact us for scheduling and holiday packages today!



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