Wednesday, January 25, 2012

B&M's Birthday Wish Lists

Happy Wednesday!

Here's a dilemma we've have a birthday of a great friend coming up and you just have no idea what to get her...coincidentally...OUR birthdays are coming up as well! Imagine that!  On the off-chance that some of our friends are "agonizing" over gift choices *hint hint*, we wanted to not only help our readers with some great gift inspiration, but also "subtly hint" to our amazing significant others, friends and families...after all...a birthday only comes once a year!  LOL

** All in jest folks..we would be happy with nothing but sparkles and sunshine ** 

But...Nevertheless, everyone has a wish list! So here are ours! 

B's Wish List 

B's wish List

M's Wish List

M's Wish List

We have been extremely blessed this past year and we cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support and love!  We know that the most important gift you can give is join B&M for our celebration this Friday at Club Play! What a great gift!!



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