Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skittle Jeans!!

Have you been to the stores lately?! Then we're sure you've been in contact with the ubiquitous colored jean!!  Everyone from Forever XXI to J Brand are pumping out denim in amazingly bright colors!

Skittle Jeans

A question that many people find themselves asking is..."How in the world can make that work?".
Though there are certain challenges with colored denim, it is possible, and quite simple, to make the trend wearable without treading into "teeny-bopper territory".

How To Skittle

If you're a bit skittish on the bolder colors, try the darker hues like forest green or a deep purple.  This trend provides an awesome platform for you to wear a great mix of colors! If you're timid, allowing the jeans to be the statement, wearing neutral tones else where, will give your look a fresh, upbeat feel!

Have you purchased colored denim?!  Send us your pictures for us to feature!!


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