Thursday, January 12, 2012

Belt It!!

Everyone has encountered this problem: You found an amazing dress on sale but its a tad too big, or "saggy".  Much to your chagrin, you return the piece back to the sale rack and reluctantly move on...


One thing we ALWAYS bring with us when shopping is the outfit-saving BELT!! 

Ahh the dresses we would have passed up had it not been for our handy belt..we shudder at the thought!  

Instead of splurging on a tailoring job or passing up on a dress all together we add a belt to create that much needed "cinch".  Belting a dress, camisole or blazer is a great way to define your waist and create a more "put together" look!

The belt really defines the waist! 

The belt takes this look from frumpy to chic in no-time flat! 

Here are some belts that are fabulous, must-have additions to any woman's closet!

How do you use a belt to update your outfits?  Send us a photo for us to feature!!!


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