Friday, January 13, 2012

On Our Radar!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

We routinely come cross items that we absolutely love! Now we'll share our obsessions with you! Check out our first "On Our Radar" post of all the pieces, looks and trends that we are currently drooling over!


  • Flare Jeans  - We can't get enough of this look! Its 70's chic with a modern twist and we are stocking UP!
  • Cross Body Bags - We love how these little bags add such a 'hipster' element to our look! Our favorites are the patterned M by Missoni bags!
  • Glitter Nail Polish - Yes, the holidays are over, but you can't blame us for still loving the look of festive nails! 
  • 80's Style Chains - Though not for every day, how fun are these statement necklaces!? A little tough, a little chic..a LOT of *umph*!
  • Colorful Platforms - With the weather getting gloomy, a little P.O.C. (pop of color according to Brad Goreski) can go a long way.  Plus the seriously high platforms sure do make a statement! 
  • Oversized Sweaters - In the winter time, putting on a pair of leggings with an oversized sweater is second nature.  Why not make those sweaters super comfy and stylish?! 
  • Winter Shorts - Who says shorts are just for the summer?! Wool shorts are everywhere and we love it! Paired with tights and a great pair of ankle booties, this is a great alternative to jeans or a skirt! 
  • Casual Ankle Booties -  On our "off" days, we try to give our feet a rest from the sky-high heels.  Slipping into a pair of low heeled ankle boots still make us feel put together, without the fuss of trying to stay balanced! 

What's on your radar this month?! Tell us

Have an amazing weekend!! 


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