Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dressing Room: Our Work

Good morning everyone!
We hope you all had an amazing New Years!  Here's to a prosperous 2012! 
You remember here that we gave you a sneak peek of the BEFORE and AFTER of one of our favorite wardrobe overhauls!
Well here is the FULL reveal!

 A WALL of shoes! Who wouldn't want that?! 

 Everything in its place.  Skirts on top, pants on the bottom, and dresses with plenty of room to hang low!

 When you organize your clothes by color groups, it helps you make and find quick outfit choices.  Essential when you're in a rush!

 A hiding place for belts to be accessed easily without tangling is a must.

 Maximize your space by using height! Store beautiful handbags and t-shirts on racks spaced 10" apart.  Accessible and functional! 

 A place for everything and everything in its place.  

 That chandelier is everything!

 A sitting area is awesome, especially if you have the space! 

Tuck away those "hard to fold" items in away chest-of-drawers nestled into the racks.  It keeps everything neat and organized with out having to have everything visible!

We were lucky enough to have a handy-man on call to assit with the racks and shelving.  We also worked with our client's budget; foregoing new hangers and clear storage bins in favor of splurging on racks and shelving that made better use of the space and a greater impact! 

Need to tackle your own wardrobe but confused on where to start?! Drop us a line today! 


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  1. I am considering the Amazon Deal out today. Can you tell me more about what is included in a 2-hour session. Will you hang shelving and organize or does the shelving need to be in place?

    1. Hello there! Unfortunately, we will not be provided shelving in the deal. We will organize & choose looks from what you have in your current wardrobe. We can always organize another session outside of our deal to give you a complete closet makeover. This of this as a fashion facelift! xx