Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Charitable Valentines Gift: For Him

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and if you're anything like us, you're racking your brains trying to figure out the perfect gift for your manly love-muffin (sweet pea, honey dew, or any embarrassing pet name he goes by)!

If you have never heard of Falling Whistles before, you should definitely read about this amazing company.

In the Congo, the act of kidnapping young boys and using them as child soldiers and shields is a common practice.  Whistle blowers; young men, whose only purpose is to make enough noise to scare the enemy, and then receive, by their bodies, the first round of bullets, is one of the most grissly.

Falling Whistles' mission is to help spread the word, rehabilitate and advocate for those who have been affected by this war.  By wearing the whistle, it is a symbol of protest to this practice.  The company urges supporters to: "Be a whistle blower for peace".

You can support this organization in many ways, one of which could be a great Valentine's Gift for your special guy.

They have a variety of finishes for the whistle necklaces (even gold..BONUS!)

It is a GREAT conversation starter and a thoughtful gift for anyone!

From our experience, the ordering process was quick and so was the delivery!  But make sure you order quickly to get the whistle by February 14th!

Click here to shop!

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  1. and functional! in the event you are witnessing a crime or are in danger you also have an attractive whistle handy!