Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How To: Mix Patterns {part 1}

More and more we have seen designers, stylists and other fashionable individuals, mixing patterns left and right!!  To prove it, check out the February InStyle's Its All in the Mix article!

c/o our InStyle Mag
Not only does a complimentary pattern look incredibly chic, it also exudes an heir of sophistication.

Many people have been asking us "how can I wear a multi-patterned look?"

The main trick is to have at least one color be the same in both patterned pieces.  When the color family doesn't flow properly, it tends to look like a 3 year old put together your outfit.

Also be aware of the size of the patterns.  A good tip for the first time mixer: if you have a big print on the bottom (i.e., florals), have a similar sized print on top (i.e., polka dots or stripes).  Mixing big and small may be over doing it if you're new to mixing prints!

Now for a visual!

PatternMix Part 1

Send us your pictures of your best mix and we'll feature you on Style Edit!!



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