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Fashion Week 2012: Day 3 Recap

Crazy weekend at the Style Edit office!!!! Without delay, here is our Fashion Week Correspondent's Recap of NYFW, Day 3!!! 
There were so many amazing designers who showed their fall collections today that our daily recap will mostly focus on new collections! 


The collections we’ll be looking at today are Charlotte Ronson, Nicole Miller, Ruffian, Prabal Gurung, and Rachel Zoe.

Charlotte Ronson
Charlotte Ronson is an established, but young, designer whose pieces I always love seeing on the runway.  This time around I really liked her mix of knits and sheer fabrics, even showing one silk dress with a knit design printed on it.

The show overall was very relaxed and cool, much like I imagine Charlotte is herself.

Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller always puts a smile on my face because her designs remind me of a friend of mine, so Hippie Chic.  But I thought Nicole brought a more mature look to her signature this time around.  I found it refreshing to see such an established designer make such a shift.

The show started with Nicole’s signature look, but slowly moved to a more Rolling Stones hippie look.  The look was darker, with velvet, leather, and lace, but still had the Nicole Miller stamp to it.  I also liked her small pops of neon pink among the black.  I’ve been noticing that a lot today and I think it’s the perfect way to incorporate such a bold color into a garment.

Ruffian is another new design team to me and this was the first time I had examined a Ruffian show.  I loved their use of color, so bold and understated at the same time.  Designers Brian Wolk and Claude Mora did a great job of weaving in their strong blues and reds into a lovely array of plaids and trench coats.

The show felt very 1950s British spy, a looked I have been rocking lately.  Between the fedoras, trench coats, and bombshell hair, I thought (and was hoping) I was going to see James Bond model the next look.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Prabal Gurung
Prabal Gurung showed a highly intense collection today, which I loved.  Known well for his use of colors, the show started with all-black pieces.  I was shocked, I found myself wondering if this was the same designer.  But even in black, Prabal’s clothes are so intense that they draw you in, beckoning you to look at the details in every piece.

Once he did introduce color, they were shocking blues, yellows, and gold.  He even managed to make white look shocking, which I didn’t even know was possible.   Besides the clothes being really well done, I found myself taken on a journey through this show.  One that I truly enjoyed.

Rachel Zoe
What I love most about Rachel Zoe as a designer is that I can imagine her wearing every single one of her pieces.  They are just so her.  Sticking to her beloved seventies, Rachel showed an amazing range within her collection.  She had every type of garment imaginable, but still made them all look utterly Zoe.  That is the sign of a true designer.

Among the very modern seventies-esque pieces, there were these pops of neon pink and blue that always came at exactly the right place in the show.  It kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved it!

And one little goodie for you all…
There have been some amazing hat sightings over the past three days in New York.  As a woman who is forever on the search for the perfect floppy hat, I find this new development very promising.


Have you picked out a favorite designer or look from this years NYFW yet?!  Tell us!! 

Don't forget to check back SOON for more Fashion Week coverage AND a special Valentine's Day Post!! 



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