Monday, March 12, 2012

DVF...for Kids!?

Happy (rainy) Monday everyone!

We hope that you enjoyed your beautiful weekend!!!

As many of you may know, we absolutely adore the little women we have in our lives!  Not only are our sisters and nieces great training for when ever we have kids, they're perfect mini-Style Edit's!
The Mini 'B'!
The Mini 'M'!

Needless to say, we were psyched when we heard DVF is coming out with looks for mini fashionistas!!!

DVF knows a good print when she sees one!! 

We know someone who would live in these leggings! 

These sandals are precious! 

The best part?! Diane designed these pint-sized duds for Gap! Affordable and chic?! You know we're completely on board for that!!

We're thinking our mini-me's could definitely be spokesmodels for the brand!! Right?!

DVF for Gap Kids hits stores on March 28th!!


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