Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Cleaning Tips: Part 2

The weekend is fast-approaching, and if you're not going to be cheering on Kentucky on Saturday like us,  then you can put these Spring Cleaning tips to use!

Last week, we gave you part 1, get ready for Part 2!

#1: Breathing Room
Does you closet resemble the one below?  How are you able to find anything in there when your clothes are crumpled, mashed and downright suffocating?!

Give you clothes some breathing room! If you find yourself with not enough closet space, try switching out your winter clothes and storing them elsewhere.   Find items that you know you won't wear, can't fit or don't like anymore!  As hard as that is, what's the point of having these pieces take up space?! This should give you ample room for your clothes to hang properly!   Remember, we hang our clothes for them to stay smooth and unwrinkled!

#2: Think of Rainbows!!
Remember in our last "Spring Cleaning" tips, we instructed you to treat your closet like a boutique.  In addition to displaying stand-out pieces, another aesthetically pleasing aspect of a boutique is the color coding!

One Mode Boutique
Like a Rainbow! 
You need a black dress? BOOM: to the right!  Looking for an long evening gown?! POW: in the back on the left!   There's no question when you go into a boutique how to find what you're looking for, and this is largely due to how the colors and lengths are grouped!

Do the same for your space.  Not only will grouping by Like Items and then by Color cut down on your morning prep-time, it also makes your closet look organized and beautiful!

#3: Make Scents!
Have you ever left a smokey bar or outdoor event, only to realize that you smell of cigarettes or "outside" once you get home?!  Smells and odors have a habit of attaching themselves to our clothes so easily, even when they're just 'hanging there'!  Think: that burnt bag of popcorn from last week that made the entire house smell!

Keep your clothes smelling beautiful with a great perfume or potpourri satchel!  Keep a few hanging in your closet and drawers to keep your clothes fresh and lightly scented!

Do you have a favorite Spring Cleaning tip? Tell us!

Have a great weekend!!


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