Monday, April 2, 2012

Men's Style: Helpful Hints

Between cheering for our Alma mater  this weekend, we found ourselves reading an article about men's fashion.  In a nutshell:

A recent survey by Mintel, a market research company, found that among men who've bought clothes in the past year, 25 percent overall (and 40 percent of younger men) say they would dress more stylishly if only they knew how.
Image courtesy of "The Morning Call" article

Well for those of you men who desperately want to be in the "know", you've come to the right place!   No more baggy pants, no more wrinkled tops, no more flip flops (we just shivered at the thought!)

Nope! It's time to seize your fashion prowess with these easy to implement tips and tricks!!

The Power of the Power Suit

Jon Hamm | Idris Elba | Justin Timberlake
Every wonder how these men (and so many more) look incredibly dashing in suits?!  Besides their impeccable confidence, the answer is quite simple: TAILORING.

Gone are the days of box-y suit jackets and loose fitting pants! (Oh and pleats?! No!) Find yourself a tailor and woo him (or her) into becoming your best friend.  These days, men's suits should skim the body, outlining your figure.

Don't Be Color Blind

We've often noticed many-a-man's aversion to incorporating actual color in their wardrobe.  (Note: khaki, navy, black, white and grey are neutrals!)

Now you may not want to go full-on crayola like the lovely Brad Goreski here, but a little P.O.C. (pop of color) never hurt anyone!

Images from the Sartorialist
A little bit of color adds interest and sophistication to an outfit.  The whole "I'm not trying hard, I'm just this put-together" look.

Step It Up

If we've said it once, we've said it a million times: "shoes are the exclamation point of an outfit"!!
Whether you're wearing simple loafers or a pair of brogues made of Italian leather, make sure they look their best!  With the exception of classic Chuck Taylors, this is a hard and fast rule.  (Everyone likes a bit of 'wear' on their Chucks, right?)

Think classic when it comes to your shoes and they'll be transitional with a multitude of outfits!

Are you fellas ready to tackle the "fashion" now?!


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