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Style Edit Spotlight: Rafael Valentino

We have had the opportunity to meet and establish friendships with so many amazing people who now work in the fashion industry.  You may remember our first interview with the talented Jenifer Patrick!  From designers to stylists to models and more, we love getting a sneak peek into what its like to be a (insert a fashion career here)..

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Cue Spotlight:  Rafael Valentino
Age: 24
Hometown: Washington, D.C.
Current City: New York, New York
Company: RED Model Management 

SE: What sparked your interest in modeling?
Rafael: Well I've always been interested in fashion, but my mother made me do a test shoot back home in Washington D.C., shot with another great photographer (Dan Lewis), and e-mailed my photos to RED Model Management.

SE: What was the first job you booked in the industry?
Rafael: Richard Harris F/W '11 during Winter NYFW 2011, I wasn't even signed yet come to think of it. LOL

SE: What are your favorite designers?
Rafael:  Johnson Hartig! I love Libertine.  I also like Jeremy Scott and I'm a big fan of Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy).

SE: What are some designers you have worked with?
RafaelI've worked with Libertine, Bess, Trukfit (Lil' Wayne's new line), Richard Harris, Rochambeau, Edwing D'angelo, Enyce, Love Brigade (Brooklyn-based) Marcc, Nico & Adrian.

SE: What is your go-to outfit?
Rafael:  Nudie Jeans, Banana Republic or Zara shirt or sweater, and Suede CK shoes.

SE: What is the most fun about what you do?
Rafael:  Fashion shows.  Everyone caters to you pre-show (hair, make-up, food, drinks, etc) and post-show (clothes, fashion bloggers, news reporters, cameras, the after-party).  Being a former athlete, I didn't think the pre-game rush could be emulated..until I walked on the runway for the first time.

SE:  How did you land your biggest job so far?
Rafael:  Well, last season Libertine was having a casting during fashion week.  I had just left a casting, and my agent told me to hurry and get to the Libertine casting.  I walked in, they loved my persona and energy..the rest is history! 

SE:  Any advice for the young models and fashionistas(os) looking for a start in this business?
Rafael:  I always tell people to do their research first.  Find out the top agencies in your area, compare yourself to models already signed (height, weight, waist, hips, chest, bust, etc), make sure your measurements match or are similar.  Agents know exactly what they are looking for.  Look at their portfolios and find a photographer to emulate those pictures.

SE: What is something you wish you could do more of?
Rafael:  See my little brother, Danilo, Lyndra and Carlos back home.

SE:  Can you give us one style tip for our readers both male and female?
Rafael:  Guys: super baggy clothes died long ago.  It is ok for males to be fashionable without receiving an undesirable connotation.  Be secure in who you are and your masculinity..stand out and be seen!
Ladies: Natural beauty is underrated.  Wear what works for your body and don't try too hard.

Want to learn more about Mr. Valentino? Check him out here!


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