Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SE Swap Meet!

Attention all fashionistas!! We have decided to create a stress-free/guilt-free annual event that will deliver far more than a swag bag!! Think of it as a fashionable neighborhood yard sale with a swap option! Since this is our first SE Swap Meet, we don't have many rules but here is the 411:

#1- Collect items in your closet (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories) that a.) you hardly wear 
b.) want to keep...just in case c.) you couldn't fathom handing over to a Goodwill. 

Helpful Hint: Don't bring never to be worn again items or those that look like they should be given to Goodwill...or Mr. Trash Can. xx

#2- Bring your selected items to The Bow Tie Cafe patio on Saturday, May 19th. Neatly display your items within the space assigned to you. 

#3- Swap or sell your treasured, hardly worn items with other fashionistas. We will be on-hand to assist with the logistics (each fashionista will receive a # upon arrival). 

Helpful Hint: Get there on time to scope out the goods before the swapping begins! 

See!? Simple & fun!! We (B&M) will be swapping as well!! We cannot wait! We have a feeling this is going to be addictive!  Can't wait to see you there!!


Image Credits: ecodeaf, Jimmy Hale Mission, SINGER22.com

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