Friday, January 31, 2014

Trends of 2014

It is a New Year already!  That means a fresh start with your resolutions and a new year filled with fresh fashion trends to sink your teeth into!  Luckily for most of us, this year’s new crop of in vogue styles don’t deviate too far what we’ve seen in 2013!

Pattern dressing – mixing two or more patterns in one outfit -- is still going strong, and the menswear look is a staple again.  However, the three new, revamps trends we have our eyes one are a mix of comfort, daring and sophistication.

Monochromatic Dressing 
Were you a Sex and the City fan?  In almost every episode Samantha donned an outfit boasting one color in multiple hues.  The effect?  A sleek and powerful look that is put together but definitely not your basic, all black outfit.

Pairing these items is fairly simple.  Oftentimes women have a strong affinity for a specific color.  In your closet you may find you tend to wear a lot of purples, maroons or pinks.  Pull out all of those items from your wardrobe and see what hues are most like one another.  The tip is to choose hues that are not exact, but similar enough to where there isn’t a large contrast between your pants and top, for example.  Think pastels with varying tones.

Sneakers for any Occasion
Sneaker fans rejoice!  There has been a resurgence of fashion mavens rocking cool athletic sneakers with flowly dresses and cropped trousers everywhere.  Buh bye to those wedge sneakers you bought a year or two ago.   The classic sneaker shoe is back and many high-heel wearers couldn’t be happier!

This trend has the ability to add playfulness to an otherwise simple outfit.  How do you find a style that works for you?  It is best to find a sneaker that has some of the colors you wear most often.  If that’s difficult, find ones that you simple love.  The beauty of this trend is that the shoes don’t necessarily have to match, they just have to “go”.  If you’re planning to wear jeans, make sure they’re skinny, slim or cropped.  The bottom of your jeans should not graze the shoelaces of the sneaker.  Planning to wear them with a dress?  Try them first with a simple dress where the hem hits right above the knee. 

Crop to It
Remember back in the mid to late 90’s when Britney, Jessica and Christina all rocked those ridiculously low rider jeans and belly shirts that barely covered the necessary areas?  Do not fear.  Those days, we hope, are long gone.  But there is a new crop top that is more sophisticated and still sexy by only showing about an inch of skin.

Though this trend seems nerve racking, its quite simple to execute once you find the crop that is right for you.  When selecting a top, make sure that its long enough that it hits right above your navel and when you raise your hands, it still covers the ‘necessary area’.   The bottom portion of this look is just as important.  ALWAYS COVER THE BELLY BUTTON.   Nothing looks more juvenile than wearing an incredibly chic look and then having your navel front and center.  Choose high waist pants, skirts or trousers to go with your crop top.  If you opt for a skirt, make sure the hem hits right above the knee at the highest.  No need to show a lot more skin when you’re wearing this trend.  


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